Magic Shows
Bringing kids magic into the 21st Century. Carl is not like the rest he is the best. Here are a list of some of the cool tricks he performs in his magic show:

  • Making a silk handkerchief appear from flash of fire.
  • Making a 4 foot sliver magic wand appear right in front of your eyes.
  • Turning a blank piece of paper into money.
  • Passing a lit candle through his arm (Brilliant Illusion)
  • Vanishing bottle of coke in the birthday child’s hand (Kids love this trick!)

For The Older Children (9-14)

  • The famous head chopper illusion
  • Carl can even make the birthday child levitate
  • Turning a balloon into a real live rabbit.
“I have had Carl perform for us now over the last 3 years in our childcare centres all over our party occassions!!
He never fails to impress and he has amazing energy and the children really enjoyed the show from the very beginning to the end!! I would highly recommend him”. – Sandra @ Giraffe Liffey Valley


Magic Carl can tailor the show to suit the age group of the children. Everything is performed with plenty of slapstick comedy and during the show Carl calls up many “Magic Helpers” to help make the magic happen. Aswell  as a fantastic magic show Carl is also a brilliant balloon modeler and every child gets a show. He even makes a special balloon for the birthday child.

So far a stress free solution to your next party why not give Magic Carl a call and add some wow factor to your next kids party or event.

Carl’s magic show is suitable for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Christmas Shows
  • Weddings
  • Trade Shows
  • Shopping Centres
  • Communions

Check out the video clips for some cool tricks

Magic Carl the Magician makes childhood memories for a living, he will also provide sensational magic in your home where the birthday child becomes the star.

He ensures-

  • Professional Service
  • An amazing fun atmosphere
  • Massively entertaining performances
  • Jaw dropping magic
  • Delighted guests
  • Relaxed hosts
  • A STRESS FREE solution to your entertainment needs
Some Of Carl's Clients Include

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Paul Daniels & Magic Carl

Carl Campbell is a member of BNI Ireland